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Remember Bathroom By Design can plan and design your exclusive bathroom regardless of where in the world you live. The internet, Skype and email are amazing tools to allow clients access to our specialized design services. We are based in Johannesburg South Africa, but distances are not an issue.

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We had the opportunity to see these bathrooms from the 1920's at the Villa Necchi in Milan, the home of the Necchi Sewing machines family. The Black tiles in one of the bathrooms were made of Murano glass from the famous glass factories of that Island off Venice. They were so shiny you would think they had been installed only last week. The bathroom with the marble looking finish is in fact Alabaster. The cost of these finishes back in the 1920's must have been incredible. I hope you enjoyed this peep into the past of the Italian wealthy.

Photos from Bathroom By Design's post

Incredibly beautiful classic vanities and bath always brings glamour to a bathroom and a touch of the Hollywood atmosphere. These items were seen at the Milan show last month.

Photos from Bathroom By Design's post

It's been a busy week for Bathroom By Design, seen today at the Design Joburg exhibition, at the Sandton Convention Center in South Africa. We may be at the tip of Africa but we are certainly up at the top with the best internationally. The African element always gives that extra input on design here.

Photos from Bathroom By Design's post

Bathroom By Design at the launch of the new Tiletoria tile and sanitary ware showroom in Johannesburg South Africa with guest performance by South African Band - Mia Casa.

Photos from Bathroom By Design's post

Ever wondered how a toilet is created. The first stage is for the ceramic design engineer to draw out his design in great detail, with serious consideration to the angles for water flushing to be correct. The design is then created into a mold which has to be exact in its fitting - you can see a set of molds in these pictures. The mold is then filled with liquid porcelain, then emptied once there is the correct depth of clay to create the finished toilet. It is then Fired in a kiln to create the finished product. A good toilet takes great skill to create and artistic knowledge to make a wining article.

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What was new and unusual at the Salone del Mobile in Milan?
Shower heads that were engineered and looked like angle poise lamps! Baths that looked different, the black sculptured look, the bath with a vinyl clad skirt that looked like fabric and a green metallic look bath on a metal cradle frame. Something different always catches the eye.

Are these the most lavish loos EVER?

Which would get your vote - if any?

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A tap is just a tap! no its not. Noted at the Salone del Mobile taps were now being looked at more closely. New - engineered taps with detail on the shaft between the basin and the handle was noted. Colour again was varied from copper and brass to dark tinted greys. Many taps were enhanced with a coloured handle, whether an industrial style or a sophisticated design. It was pleasing to see that tribute was made to designers who have produced wonderful world renowned designs in this specialized field.

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With many people now living in apartments and looking forward to the future where there will be less internal walls built to divide rooms, a new futuristic theme was noticed at the Milan Salone del Mobile. The use of screening to separate rooms and spaces. The materials varied from loose hanging cords of coloured threads as seen on the Missoni stand to perspex, wood or metal structures that could include plants. Plants and greening up for interiors is big again. With the development of artificial plants to such a high level where you can only tell if its real by touch. The creation of internal plant spaces to enhance your room or home is now easy.

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Hi, as mentioned in our last post Green in different shades was big as seen at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan this year. From traditional furniture and settings to more Funky items. Also the introduction of plants into interiors to enhance an interior was also noted - more to follow. Textures were lots of velvets and webbing with cane. Green was also seen in a Marble cooking unit, a picture is noted here.

Hi everybody, just back from Milan Design Week and in particular the Salone del Mobile which covers Bathrooms and Kitchens within the overall Interior Design Exhibition. Many things were seen and great ideas from the quality of furniture and fittings to the latest trends. Milan is still the giant trend setter world wide in fashion and it always follows through to interiors.
I will be posting pictures shortly but the colour Green is the new black / grey. It was everywhere and in every hue imaginable for interiors and it was noted that fashions in the shops also reflected the use of green. On a visit to the Armani / Silos - a museum for his work, a couple of pieces from his 2017 / 2018 collection were also in Green with Blue.
Photos to follow soon, and thank you for pushing our LIKE button to push us past the 8K mark. Watch this space.

Bathroom By Design is very excited to announce that we will be visiting Salone del Mobile.Milan this week, which is the premier exhibition for furniture, bathrooms and kitchens taking place in Milan Italy.
We have always felt that visiting exhibitions of this high international standard is important to allow us to keep ahead of the latest trends and materials to incorporate into our work for our clients.
Watch this space for updates and pictures on the show.

Keeping things plain and simple. When tackling a design for a client with a small bathroom, Bathroom By Design kept colours light and surfaces plain but elegant. Using a mirror on the wall above the bath helps give the illusion of extra space. Planning is essential to optimize the area you have.The result is a modern, timeless simple style and a happy client.

Bathroom By Design created this highly detailed public bathroom design for an hotel. A delicate and beautiful balance between sophistication and clean lines was required for this client. The result speaks for its self. Bathroom By Design can create any style of bathroom design for anywhere in the world.

A seat with a view !

Guggenheim offers Trump a golden TOILET instead of a Van Gogh

When is a toilet a "Work of Art" ? If it's 18 carat gold plated I guess.
A Loo with a message to the USA President.

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How bold would you go? Most bathrooms are designed with neutral or light toned large surfaces usually due to the size of the space, trying to keep the room feeling as big as possible. Here are a selection of designs where being bold with colour has been the concept. Using strong colour in a bathroom is about balance,combinations and the client. Enjoy the motivation.

For all our Bathroom By Design followers and those who have liked our page a big thank you and wishing everyone a fantastic 2018. May you achieve all the goals you set for yourself and stay happy, healthy and enjoy life. We are just back from our holiday break so new posts will follow shortly. Enjoy !!!.

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Before and after project photos.
The client wanted a bathroom that included the outdoor space for both summer and winter. BBD utilized a glass vision door system which allowed light and an extension to the bathroom space. We also added extra space within the room by using a free standing bath and generally up grading the whole image of the room. The result was this very airy beautiful bathroom and a happy client.

South China Morning Post

Well done to China, now other countries should follow suit. Public toilets are very important and often overlooked by authorities.

Would you flush $100k on a designer Louis Vuitton toilet?

What next in Designer Toilets ?

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A set of before and after images are always interesting for reference for both the client and BBD.
Influenced by a Burberry styled tartan tile BBD put together a de- cluttering design that would give the extra storage needed. Keeping the colours light and emphasizing other textures in the room created a perfect harmony and spacious feeling and a happy client.


Unbelievable skill and patience, the result has beauty beyond belief.

The Glamour Factor was requested for this main bathroom. The main theme was to be black and white with marble detailing. BBD stepped up to the mark and created this bathroom which the client was very happy with. The use of the Victoria & Albert bath and basins really set the tone.


Remember this type of storage for Bathrooms - always needed.

"Keep it simple" was the brief. Our task was to create a bathroom that covered all the sanitary ware bases but kept clean lines and was fresh and light. The use of the light colour tiles and the hidden lighting in the ceiling bulkhead added to this beautiful design and a happy client.

Africa Geographic

An outdoor toilet in the African Bush sometimes has added excitement 😂🤣

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Make your bathroom special by adding a beautiful mirror. In these two BBD designs created for clients, we added that finishing touch with a special mirror. I am sure you would agree that it creates a fantastic focal point and gives a WOW factor to the finished room.